Conservation through Public Health

Improve the lives of women & girls through sport

We provide environmental & health education in secondary school using concept of football “The girl soccer league for better menstrual health”. This is implemented to girls in secondary schools, living close to protected areas as a part health education using football. Secondary school team winner is awarded 100 bags of cement and 30 iron sheet to be used for construction of private toilet with a changing room to be used in school by girls during menstruation periods for changing sanitary pads.

This ultimately reduces school dropouts for girls during menstruation period. We visit in secondary & primary schools to teach girls on menstruation hygiene management, sexual reproductive health & right and other health related issues such as covid-19.

Mtaka secondary school

Girls team from Anthony Mtaka secondary school.

100 bags of cements

100 bags of cements, donated to Girl secondary school team winner to be used for construction of private toilet to change sanitary pad in school and reduce school droop out during a menstruation period.

Private toilet

Private toilet used by girls from Anthony Mtaka secondary school to change sanitary pads.

We actively engage community members to participate in construction of private toilet rooms in schools by contributing labor power, bringing sand, stones, fetching water, digging foundation and security for material supplies for construction.

Soccer Girls

Sports strengthen better health for girls