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Miss: Kailee Weber
Board of Directors & Advisory

Kailee Weber is a Registered Nurse, currently working in an underserved rural community. Kailee has witnessed the impact education has on maternal women and the health risks associated on mom and baby. She has learned how the nurturing presence of a healthy mom is crucial in the early years of a child’s development leading to a higher chance of success in their formative years. As a healthcare professional with obstetrical nursing experience, Kailee can attest to the benefits of implementing early interventions in reducing pregnancy related deaths.

Alterations in current hygiene and sanitation practices are just a few examples of how simple changes can lead to greater outcomes .Kailee weber join peace for conservation to support and provide her experience of issues related with maternal new born and child health (MNCH) in rural communities, She will co-ordinate program to train health care workers in Lamadi Busega Tanzania to equip them with relevant skills to safe life between mother and children.

Aspires to conserve Wildlife, engage Communities for Wildlife Protection and Improved Sustainable Social Welfare