Community Outreach

Dance for Conservation Program and Comedy Show

Peace for conservation (PFC) is mainly using traditional dance and comedy show done by locally established groups as a tool in delivery of conservation education (message) to local communities (men, women, girls, boys and children) as main audience. The comedians are assigned to point out threats to wildlife and the ways to address the illegal business particularly bush meat which is very common in the western Serengeti Ecosystem. They are usually assisted in creating a message on how the bush meat businesses are established and organized by mentioning the techniques used by poachers when they are selling a bush meat.

community outreach

The comedians who have been poachers previously encourage communities to report the poaching incidences to the police and anti- poaching unit’s task force whenever they encounter those incidents of wildlife crime, or people involved in bush meat business and sale of trophies.

traditional dance

Traditional dance is an integral part of community life and culture in Sukuma tribe. The groups perform, dance that reflect human life and interactions with local wildlife species and that share messaging around environmental issues. (ie. garbage cleanup & proposal disposal, clean water and warn against wildlife poaching)


Winner competition, where song is included, whose lyrics are meant to dare selected by a panel of judges, and are awarded safari tour trips to Serengeti National park to continue their wildlife education.