Wildlife conservation through Arts (ARTS4wildlife)

ARTS4wildlife – we use wildlife arts painting to create awareness of wildlife conservation, identify ways to bring awareness of wildlife conservation and inspire wildlife conservation through arts action toward protecting and saving our planet.

We identify youth and children living close to protected areas, with Arts talents idea, we train them on arts painting and sketching wildlife image, to prepare them for future employment other than wildlife poaching through selling their Arts to tourist visiting Serengeti national park -Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunities

Peace for Conservation invites film makers and students pursuing video and production courses of study, Artist to work with us for three to six months as volunteers or interns. While volunteering, they will be responsible for activities such as developing grant proposals, editing documentaries, shooting videos, creating contents of wildlife conservation through Arts to share social media.

Support from Peace for Conservation

International volunteers/interns will get support from our staff to facilitate their visit to Tanzania including legal procedures such as visas, based on their country of origin, invitation letter, our mandates and information about how we support wildlife conservation through Arts. We advise our volunteers to plan on a three- to six-month stay to meet government volunteer work permit requirements and to avoid the inconvenience of visiting the immigration office during your field work.

International volunteers from Argentina Learning Arts painting.

International volunteers from Argentina Learning Arts painting.


Wildlife conservation through arts.

Ras Meja Salumu-Artist painter from ARTS4wildlife.

Ras Meja Salumu - Artist painter from ARTS4wildlife.


“Nothing impossible, people with physical disability to visit National parks “

Peace for conservation, will raise important funds to support wildlife based tourism inclusive safaris in local National Parks by selling artwork. To support people with physical disability to visit Serengeti National Park. Profits from selling artwork will fund Wheel chair, wildlife safari

WHEEL CHAIR, WILDLIFE SAFARI will break barriers that presently keep people with physical disabilities from visiting the Serengeti National Park and Kijereshi Game Reserve. PFC also hopes to provide persons with physical disabilities a feeling of Tanzania’s heartbeat, and for them to discover Tanzania magical sights with good memories and smiles to their faces. They will be able to experience the big five while riding a wheelchair/ tricycle inside Tanzania’s prime natural areas. These safaris also have the benefit of eliminating the negative fictional stories about elephant behaviors that are often heard on the street, encouraging an appreciation of elephant conservation.

Arts auction

We accept offer of Arts painting from NGOS that want to use our Arts painting for auctioning to raise fund for implementing their projects. Our past clients who purchased arts from Peace for Conservation are:

International elephant foundation-USA,

Peace River rotary club –Canada,

North Sprit Rotary Club-Canada,

Also Peace for conservation donated arts to Amref Health Africa -Tanzania to support fundraising for Uzazi Ni maisha wogging campaign that focused on “Supporting Medical Equipment and Supplies for Safe Delivery”, and again donated Arts to Rettet Die Elefanten Afrikas.EV

You might be interested to use arts for auctioning for fundraising, we can donate arts to your organization to support your campaign. Please do not hesitate to contact with Peace for Conservation Mr. David kabambo: Email [email protected] / [email protected]