Wildlife conservation through Sports

SOCCER FOR CONSERVATION “We play soccer for conservation”

We are using the game of football to deliver wildlife conservation education, 10 team participate for “Rhino Cup Soccer League- Tanzania” our focus is on school children living close to protected areas in the Western corridor of Serengeti ecosystem-Tanzania, who are closet to the natural resources. The first of these winner. Rewarded with 100 bags of cement and 100 iron sheets, which were used for construction of two classrooms. These materials are extremely important as they will be used to construct two classrooms.

sport - classrooms

Our organization actively engaged community members and supported the construction of two classrooms in schools by contributing labor power, bringing sand, stones, fetching water, digging foundation and security for material supplies for construction

Conservation through sports

Peace for Conservation supports young players with football talents, by providing a scholarship to partner football academy institute.

sport 2

This provides opportunities for them to have alternatives career, as a professional Tanzania football player, rather than wildlife poaching. Football end poverty and unemployment among youth living close to protected areas.