Arts 4 Wildlife


Peace for conservation welcome international volunteers interested to learn/ teach painting arts to deliver conservation message through Arts painting under slogan “Arts4wildlife”, International volunteer will be hosted from three week to three months depending on individual preference.

International volunteers who are enjoying the ARTS4Wildife programme and their wonderful art creations


Peace for conservation in partnership with Katie Adamson conservation fund based in Colorado, USA Initiated project on ARTS4Willife to teach school children on how to sketch and paint wildlife-based arts. The main goal of ARTS4wildlife was to empower school children on arts painting to prepare them for future self-employment through arts work by selling their drawings to tourist who visit Serengeti National Park and Kijereshi Game Reserve as well as creating awareness against wildlife poaching through arts work.

LEFT: School children who are enjoying the ARTS4Wildife programme and their wonderful art creations


The Peace for Conservation organizes safari for Kijereshi Game Reserve and Serengeti National park, involving school children (Arts4wildlife) to learn wildlife conservation in the National park/ Game Reserve. After safari we ask them to paint pictures which they like most during their tour, to reflect message against wildlife poaching and success in conservation. Also we teach our guest how to sketch and paint wildlife species quickly and build self-confidence while enjoying game drive at the National Park and Game Reserve. Our game drive takes place early in the morning and late in the evening. We ask volunteers to help on fundraising to be able to purchase raw materials and equipment to continue teaching school children on painting.


We support volunteers on the following: –

  • International Volunteers will get support from our staff to access necessary welfare including national legal procedures such as permits, our mandates and how we support conservation activities.
  • Local materials (you advised to come with your own painting materials and equipment and also think to donate materials and equipment to be used to teach children)
  • Note there are a limited number of local materials and hence you might want to supplement this by bringing your own painting materials and, if you have any spare consider a donation to local so they can undertake arts work and keep up the good work against wildlife poaching.

COST: USA $ 1,000 per month: The cost apply to International volunteers having a passion of learning/ teaching Arts painting. Volunteers are advised to contribute the above amount to cater for the following costs: –

  • Hostel single room
  • Three meals per day
  • Wireless Internet available at office
  • Pickup and drop-off provided at Mwanza airport
  • Shared bathrooms with modern fixtures and showers
  • Sauna service on need
  • Teaching arts painting
  • Fieldwork transport during practical training

Contact: For more information drop your email to [email protected] or [email protected]