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Phone: +255 757 889 794
Miss: Carol Drescher
Board of Directors & Advisory

Carol Drescher works for the superior trial court in northern Alberta, and advocates continuous improvement methodologies in process design and project management. Carol champion’s social change, and works locally to foster change and strengthen community at a grassroots level. Further, Carol is committed to empowering women and girls through fitness, and inspiring them to grow their leadership skills.

Carol joins the Peace for Conservation Board of Directors & Advisory to work on the girls’ & women’s health education & Livelihood Development project. This project aims to empower women on issues related to health, developing the fundamental knowledge of maternal health, female reproduction, disease and infection prevention and control, and infant development. Further, the program focuses on supporting women and girls in locally-relevant livelihood development to ensure women and girls are provided with appropriate resources and supplies, adequate infrastructure, trained healthcare personnel, and safe transportation between home and healthcare facilities.

Aspires to conserve Wildlife, engage Communities for Wildlife Protection and Improved Sustainable Social Welfare