Contact Info
Phone: +255 757 889 794
Mr: Roy DuVerger
Technical Advisor: Media and communication
Wildlife and Forestry Conservation, Queens College
Master Wildlife Conservationist, University of Florida
Landscaping for Wildlife, University of Florida
Florida Black Bear Management, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Sea Turtle Management, Florida Marine Research Institute

Roy DuVerger is an accomplished outdoorsman and University of Florida Master Wildlife Conservationist with formal education in Wildlife and Forestry Conservation; wildlife photography and writing has evolved into his passion. Roy has been advising Peace for Conservation on media and media issues, and editing and embedding English closed captions into PFC’s videos in efforts to support PFC’s many programs, such as young reporter for wildlife for wildlife conservation, dance for conservation, soccer for conservation and Conservation by conversation.

Aspires to conserve Wildlife, engage Communities for Wildlife Protection and Improved Sustainable Social Welfare